Men’s shoes with heels

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Men’s shoes with heels


High heels were initially designed for men’s footwear, not just for women’s stilettos. To make it easier to ride a horse, men’s shoes used to have high heels. They later became a prestigious symbol among the elite.

Why do men’s shoes have heels nowadays, even though horseback riding is no longer a common activity? To protect your shoes’ soles from wear is the main reason. However, there is a deeper explanation that involves a fascinating journey through world history.

Why do men’s shoes still have heels?

In the 1970s, men’s fashion was influenced by John Travolta’s style in Saturday Night Fever, particularly the high Cuban heels that became popular at that time.Recently, Russell Brand has brought a revival to Beatle-inspired Chelsea boots, igniting a new trend. Additionally, Robert Downey Jr has been spotted wearing shoe lifts, accentuating his height and adding a touch of style.

The heels on most men’s shoes and boots are usually relatively low. While they provide an extra inch of height for shorter men, they also play a more critical job in extending the life of your shoe. When people walk, they plant their heels first, and the sole of a shoe can quickly wear down if it isn’t covered. To make your shoes last a lifetime, use a Goodyear welted sole, find a skilled cobbler, and add a small heel.

Are shoes with heels significant for men?

Yes! The average height of a man in the USA is 5 feet 9 inches. A 5 foot 4 inch man may not be the most confident one in a business meeting or on a Friday night.

BSIA Leather Shoes 7-cm Taller

These men’s elevator shoes are perfect for those who want to conquer the world. They have a modern style. Built with a lightweight, soft leather upper and added heel, these men’s formal shoes elevate you to new heights. We’ve shaved down the weight for a lighter feel and added a lift of seven inches. 

CNDX – Elevator Canvas Shoes– 9 cm Taller

Get stylish elevator shoes made of high-quality canvas material. These shoes feature mesh details and sturdy rubber soles. They have a hidden increase inside that can add up to 9 cm to your height. These premium elevator shoes also have a cloth lining along with the increase for extra comfort.

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