TLS83X – Top Grain Leather Brogue Shoes – 6.5 cm Taller

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The TLS83X are top-quality and stylish height increasing shoes. They come in a tan colour and brogue style with full grain cowhide leather. The 6.5 cm height increase will help you to feel taller and more confident. The elevator shoes are made from high quality materials and are comfortable to wear. Designed with a sleek, modern style, the TLS83X elevator brogue shoes are ideal for men who desire to make a statement and distinguish themselves from the masses. With a tan brogue design, these shoes are perfect for any formal or casual occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a job interview or just going out with friends, these shoes will elevate your look. TLS83X are part of our X Series made with top-quality cowhide leather for optimum quality.

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TLS83X the ultimate representation of elegance and excellence in footwear designed to add height. Experience true craftsmanship with these exceptional shoes, meticulously created using the finest top grain cowhide leather. Showcasing a distinguished tan colour and an exquisite brogue design, they are truly a sight to behold. These shoes will not only elevate your outfit, but also empower you with an incredible 6.5 cm height increase, boosting your confidence like never before! Meticulously designed for comfort, the TLS83X is engineered with top-quality materials to ensure a truly pleasurable wearing experience. With its modern and stylish charm, it embodies the very essence of uniqueness, making it the ultimate selection for men who aspire to shine amidst the masses. These tan brogue shoes are perfect for any formal or casual event. They will effortlessly enhance your look, whether you’re attending a job interview or having a great night out with friends. Experience the unmatched excellence of our TLS83X elevator brogue shoes, meticulously crafted with the utmost dedication to perfection.

Experience the unmatched excellence of our TLS83X elevator brogue shoes, meticulously crafted with the utmost dedication to perfection. The described TLS83X elevator brogue shoes represent a pinnacle of craftsmanship within the footwear industry, embodying an exceptional blend of style, comfort, and functionality that caters to discerning consumers seeking not just footwear, but a statement of personal excellence.

  • Height-increasing – Designed to add height and boost confidence
  • Craftsmanship – Meticulously created using the finest cowhide leather
  • Distinguished tan colour – Showcasing a distinguished tan colour
  • Exquisite brogue design – Featuring an exquisite brogue design
  • 6.5 cm height increase – Providing an incredible 6.5 cm height increase

**Design and Craftsmanship**:

1. **Elevator Feature**:
– The core attribute, which is the elevator design, ingeniously integrates a discreet lift without compromising on comfort or aesthetic appeal.
– It serves to enhance stature subtly, boosting confidence and maintaining an elegant silhouette.

2. **Brogue Detailing**:
– Traditional brogue patterns are meticulously incorporated, signifying attention to detail and adherence to classic styling with a modern twist.
– This detailing is not just decorative but speaks to the dedication in crafting shoes that resonate with connoisseurship and heritage.

3. **Material Selection**:
– Only premium materials are selected in the construction of these shoes, ensuring durability, breathability, and an exquisite finish.
– The choice of materials also reflects a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, aligning luxury with responsibility.

4. **Comfort Engineering**:
– Beyond aesthetics, the TLS83X has been engineered for comfort, featuring padded insoles and ergonomic designs that cater to prolonged wear.
– Innovation in providing a seamless integration of elevation, without the typical trade-off in comfort, sets this model apart.

5. **Artisanal Production**:
– Each pair of TLS83X elevator brogue shoes is the result of skilled artisans who combine traditional shoemaking techniques with contemporary technologies.
– The pursuit of perfection is evident in every stitch, ensuring that each pair is not only visually appealing but built to last.

In summary, the TLS83X elevator brogue shoes stand as a testament to what modern craftsmanship can achieve when tradition and innovation converge seamlessly. Such a product does not merely serve its functional purpose but also communicates a narrative of excellence and refined taste.

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6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5



Height Increase

6.5 cm

Upper Material

Full grain leather (Cowhide)

Inner Material





Calf Leather