MIGM Brogue Shoes 6 cm Taller

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MIGM is a unique elevator shoe for men. Looking to look your best? Introducing the MIGM elevator shoe – a stylish footwear innovation that takes men’s fashion to unparalleled heights. With its unique design, these elegant brogue shoes effortlessly elevate your style by an astounding 6 cm, making every step a fashion statement. The MIGM features a design made of bonded leather and includes a discreet heel cup that ensures your foot can comfortably rest inside the shoe. You can enjoy maximum comfort even after long hours of wear.


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Experience the pinnacle of men’s fashion with the MIGM elevator shoe. Elevate your style and stature to awe-inspiring heights with this one-of-a-kind footwear innovation. These exquisite brogue shoes are meticulously crafted, combining style and substance in a flawless manner. They not only enhance your confidence, but also elevate your stature by an impressive 6 cm. Crafted from premium bonded leather, every shoe is designed with a discreet heel cup that provides unparalleled comfort for your feet, delivering a lavish and cosy fit that lasts all day. Don’t settle for ordinary walks; leave a lasting fashion statement with MIGM.

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11.5, 12, 6.5, 10, 11


Black, Brown

Height Increase

6 cm