CMBL – Casual Shoes 5cm Taller

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The CMBL – Casual Fashion Shoes bring a touch of refinement to the timeless casual shoe with their sleek leather appearance and sporty, yet casual style. These shoes are designed with a stylish touch – two sets of laces cleverly concealed on the midfoot, with intricate stitching on each side that beautifully enhances this unique feature. Ornate stitching takes over the midfoot area as well as the side of the shoe leading back to the ankle. Above the laces, there is a white and black chequered section. The shoe’s ankle is elongated and low, allowing for ample space to manoeuvre and find ultimate comfort.

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Take your casual shoe game to new heights with the CMBL – Casual Fashion Shoes. These shoes effortlessly combine a sleek leather finish with a sporty flair, creating a one-of-a-kind blend that is perfect for any occasion. Discover their sophisticated design, featuring hidden laces cleverly tucked away on the midfoot, beautifully accented by intricate stitching. The ornate detailing extends from the midfoot to the side of the shoe, gracefully leading to the ankle. Adding a stylish twist, a distinctive white and black chequered section adorns the area above the laces. The ankle is elongated and low, ensuring ample room for comfortable movement. Indulge in the perfect combination of elegance and comfort with these remarkable shoes.
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5 cm