It is no secret that, nowadays, competition in all kind of topics is harder and harder. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, standards are higher either if it comes to a new job or a new relationship, just to start… That’s why people nowadays is trying to do anything that gets them nearer to perfection. Since weight and height seem to be the most important feature at first impression, people are not only very involved with exercises and diets but also are shifting from regular shoes to elevator shoes.
What does height increasing shoes represent?
    It is very common to think, hear and say that height doesn’t matter and that “whatever” actor or famous person is actually really short and still successful. But if you think it through, the fact that they say “he is actually very short” reveals otherwise. There’s a reason why actors are edited in movies so they look taller and that’s because of what height and therefore elevator shoes, represent to people, especially to men.
When we’re taller than someone, even if we don’t consciously think it or know it, we feel somehow superior or stronger than that person. Also, others perceive us that way too and tend to be less aggressive or more empathic to people that are higher than them.
All these advantages bring confidence and self-esteem to people, mostly to men, making life a lot easier in many aspects. Something as simple as getting a new job or starting a relationship can be very affected by something like this and that’s precisely why men are shifting from regular shoes to elevator shoes.
Height increasing shoes for men represent, everything that height represents: confidence, success, opportunity, sex-appeal… Everything men have to do is getting into those elevator shoes and everything will feel and be different.
Why are elevator shoes so popular?
High heels have been a feminine symbol for a long time when we talk about fashion. Centuries ago, heels fashion was actually for men but due to lack of comfortability and other issues, that practice got lost in time. Nevertheless, elevator shoes nowadays are more and more popular not only among women, but also among men, that once again have seen an advantage in elevator shoes, but this time is more a convenience issue than a fashion one.
It is more common every day, that elevator shoes for men get sold really quick and demand is increasing fast in the UK. Since there’s no natural or surgical way to increase our height, modern men are taking advantage of this fashion tool forgotten by them so long ago.
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