For men’s fashion, we don’t expect complex answers. Men believe in simple solutions or everyday challenges in men’s fashion, such as men’s apparel subscription boxes that do the buying for them or sweatpants that look decent in public. Simple solutions can sometimes include how to make you look taller in your sneakers without having to overlay a million insoles.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives available that will increase height without weighing you down or giving you a chunky sole look



In the world of footwear, there is always something fresh, something distinctive, something current, and something unique. Mario Bertulli, an Italian brand that has a broad selection of elevator shoes, they were the first ones to introduce shoes that made men appear taller.


The narrative began in Brescia 40 years ago, in 1972. (Italy). Mario Bertulli, a shoemaker, set out to develop something new and practical, something unique for short guys. As a visionary, he used height-increasing insoles to suit the needs of men who wanted to increase their stature, height, and comfort. That’s how he came up with the idea for those shoes that make you look taller.

Today, Shoes that will make you taller are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles. Derbies, lace-ups, loafers, sneakers, boat shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, and boots are all options. You will find the ideal model for every situation in your life, including business meetings, private meetings, and family gatherings.


Best Price Shoes that make you taller

Elevator shoes allow you to subtly add inches to your appearance. Instead of a towering heel or platform, these footwear styles have midsole height-boosting layers, also known as shoe lifts, that typically provide a 2 to 5-inch raise for the wearer. Attix shoes specialise in height elevation shoes. The online stores provide both formal and informal footwear, such as sneakers and boots. They also have plenty of padding to keep you comfortable on your feet all day.


You can effortlessly boost your appearance — both literally and visually — for various events with our pick of the best elevator shoes for men. It’s simple to include these options into your routine, whether you’re going to work or spending the weekend with friends. Not to mention that they might eliminate the need to shorten your pant hems.


Formal Shoes:

1) BSIA Leather Shoes 7-cm Taller

With a leather covering and shiny sleek design, these shoes create a personalised feel and add 7 cm to your height. They also have a cushioned insole, a square toe, and a visible stacked heel for a fresh take on a classic shoe style.

2) MITL – Black – Brown Leather Shoes 6 cm Taller

These stylish shoes, which add over 6cm to your height, enhance your stature and go well with more formal outfits. For increased support and comfort, they’re made of leather with a narrow toe and padded insole. You’ll want these stylish shoes in your wardrobe for anything from the office to weddings and everything in between.

3) MIGL – Brogue Handmade Leather Shoes 8cm Taller

With a leather covering and micro-perforations throughout, these shoes are a symbol of neat craftsmanship. They add 8cm to your height effortlessly.  This shoe also has a cushioned insole. You can choose the main colour to be brown or black.


4) FSIA – Formal Leather Shoes 6cm Taller

These formal leather shoes elevate your outfit by 6cm. The shoes have a smooth leather covering, a round cap toe, and a robust built-in sole that adds height. They also have a durable welt construction and an ergonomic shape that allows for smooth strides.



5) ABFS – Black Leather Shoes 6 cm Taller

These shoes come with an elegant black squared design instead of the traditional fall style. They have an elevation of 6cm. A square-stitched design ensures long-term use, and shock-absorbing insoles ensure a smooth step.


6) TXFS Leather Shoes 8cm and 10cm Taller

These leather shoes have perforated details, a contemporary square toe, and comfort cushioning insoles – plus they come with two sole options; an 8cm lift and a 10cm lift. The leather is polished and waxed for a silky smooth finish in a Brown and Black colour.


Casual Shoes



1) SP520 – Elevator Trainers – 9cm Taller


With these fashionable, athletic trainers, you can rock your sporty look. This pair comes with classic laces and a flat sole. Even with an elevation of 9cm, these shoes are comfortable and help you manage a steady stride. For a seasonal burst of colour, the trainers are available in Black & White.


2) SMCA Elevator Canvas Shoes 5cm Invisible Height Increase

These trendy sneakers come in more than one color and are perfect to rock a sunny day outfit. They look perfect with shorts and jeans. These shoes provide an invisible height elevation of 5cm.


3) SMCA2 Elevator Canvas Shoes 6cm Invisible Height Increase

These sturdy canvas shoes, which bring the classic street style back to life, provide a 6cm elevation. They also include a canvas inner lining for further breathability and comfort.